To quote Remo Williams...

(a movie that I absolutely loved when it came out, but haven't seen in twenty years), "Women should stay home and make babies. Preferably man-child."

That was Remo's korean martial arts teacher, Chiun, when talking to Remo's girlfriend, at the end of the movie. In the movie, as a bit of quaint, ridiculous barbarism, I thought it was hilarious.

But it appears to still be believed in certain circles. I gotta say, that's pretty disturbing.

I've always based my beliefs on several sources that can best be summed up with the beginning of the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."

This sort of belief is fundamentally telling women that they are not equal, and shouldn't even strive to be equal.

That's not to say that women shouldn't be able to stay home and raise children. Just that they shouldn't be forced to do that.

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