Wigan-tic victory

I haven't been watching many Premiership games, of late; I've just had too many other things going on. I was going to watch the Manchester City/Arsenal tilt over the weekend, but my DVR deleted it before I got to it. (My fault; I should have made sure that wasn't possible.)

But when a Man U game showed up today on the DVR, I decided that I had enough time to watch it. Despite it being against Wigan (currently in relegation territory), I decided to watch for a while. And I'm glad I did. United started out very strong for the first couple of minutes, but then Wigan just took over. Possession remained slightly in Man U's favor, but the rest of the first half was played mostly in front of the goal Man U was defending.

Wigan wasn't able to score, although they did have a goal disallowed on a rather questionable call. But they still looked much the better team, with a number of good chances, and a large edge in corners.

And that carried over a bit into the second half, where they finally managed to score off a short corner five minutes in. Maloney provided the shot that avoided a couple of defenders, and De Gea. Play continued back and forth for a while, but when Nani was subbed in for Rooney (who didn't look especially sharp, but it was still quite a surprise), Manchester pretty much took over. From that point on, Wigan had a couple of decent counterattacks (one was particularly nice, driven by Simmon (sp?)), but it was almost all United.

But despite the waves of attacks, they weren't able to get through the Wigan defense, even with five minutes of added time. It was quite the performance; for the last 10-15 minutes, most of the Wigan players were looking really gassed. But they valiantly held on for their first ever (I've got to admit, that blows my mind, but there were only 14 previous games) point against Man U. And they got three points.

So, hats off to the Latics for a phenomenal game. Let's hope this gives them momentum enough to keep them in the premiership.

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