My daughter is just starting out with some ballet lessons, and seems to enjoy them. So, I had heard about the show Bunheads last year (saw a trailer before a movie, although I don't remember which movie), and got to thinking about whether she might like it.

Well, it took only a minute or two (with discussion of topless dancing and boob jobs) to put the kibosh in that thought.

Still, I kept watching, and it's a very good show.

The premise is a little weak, in that a guy who does things as right as Hubbell did in post-Vegas interactions, and who wants to be married, is not going to be unmarried at forty-eight. Heck, he'd be unlikely to be unmarried at twenty-eight.

Still, it was well-handled, and the dialog, in particular, is very smart.

I'm certainly not the target market, but I'm enjoying it (three episodes in).

A couple storylines I see coming, down the road: is Michelle pregnant? Where did Hubble get his money (he's got an awful lot for a shoe salesman)? AA for one or more characters (seriously, there's an awful lot of drinking for a "family" show)?

I'll just try to enjoy for a while.

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