Trivial shots

I just wanted to note a little bit about the trivia question in the Oilers game. It asked about defenseman who led the Caps in shots for a season. I guessed it was either Stevens or Hatcher, and was half-right, I guess, since it was Hatcher. But what was interesting to me was that his total (from 92-93, FWIW) was 329. Two years ago, that total would have tied for second (in the league, not among defensemen). Three years ago, it would have been fourth; the year before, third.

Actually, looking into that a bit more, I'm surprised to see that there weren't players firing more shots back in the rip-roaring 80s. In fact, when Gretzky was clearing seventy goals every year, his highest shot total was only 369. And that did lead the league. Kind of puts an exclamation point on how incredible OV's first years were. Over 500 (!) shots?

Also puts a bit of emphasis on how much goaltending has improved, just over that span.

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