Mr Potato-head?

[note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but apparently forgot to post it. *sigh*]

I read Posnanski's recent article about managing a baseball team, and it got me thinking about hockey.

The article talks about how he liked A League of Their Own's manager, Jimmy Dugan,

because, especially early in his career as manager of the Rockford Peaches, he had a tendency to fall asleep in the dugout.

Managers, it seems to me, could afford to do that a bit more often. If I was an owner, I’d put pillows in there.

And that got me thinking about a PPP article from this summer (so it predated Liles getting sent down), about whether GM Nonis is better than a potato:

Rules: The potato cannot extend the Leafs' UFAs, nor can it sign new ones. We will consider Colton Orr's extension a "July 5th" move. It will not undo trades, so Bolland and Bernier are still on the roster. Lastly, the potato must re-sign RFAs at 200% of their previous AAV - it's a potato, not a skilled negotiator.

Betteridge's Law suggests what the writer's opinion on the matter was, and the poll on the page overwhelmingly agreed. Let him sleep, indeed.

Let's at least be glad that McPhee, for all his flaws (and his inexplicably long tenure) is certainly better than the potato.

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