Ondrej the giant?

I was reading the Down Goes Brown recently, and McIndoe's opening night post. Some funny stuff there.

But what got me thinking was his bringing up Ondrej Pavelec. I hadn't looked at his overall numbers, but has seemed to me that Pavelec has done pretty well against the Caps, over his career. So I was surprised to see his overall numbers aren't that great.  So, has he been that good against the Caps?  Well... not so much. Not that that's terrible, but it's a bit below league average (though a hair better than his overall numbers). I wish I had the breakout by year.

The other part that I found interesting was his number of games against, by team. He's played the Caps quite a bit more than anyone else; 25 against the Caps, with the second highest being the Lightning, at 19. I wonder if that's just because the Caps have been good, so they never (outside of that one game) put the backup in against Washington.

Anyway, I might be the only one, but I found it interesting.

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