A bridge (toll) too far?

Another big event I haven't been talking about is Chris Christie's debacular handling of a crisis that seems to be entirely of his own making; that being the closure of toll lanes to the George Washington Bridge, apparently as political retaliation against the Mayor of Fort Lee.

Rachel Maddow had a nice run-down of the weaknesses and failures of Christie's explanations in his long, rambling "mea culpa" (well, that's what it was supposed to be, but it ended up being more of a "woe is me; look whom I trusted").

Even if you believe everything Christie said in that statement, though, I still think Christie has to go.  Because either he cares nothing about who gets hurt by his political retaliations, or he allows his underlings to play so fast and loose that they do the same.  Either way, he needs to go.  Even if nothing comes of the Hoboken Mayor (Dawn Zimmer)'s accusations that Hurricane Sandy aid was withheld as retaliation for not supporting a particular development that Christie wanted finished (and that would surprise me, given that the person in charge of that aid (Guadagno) admitted that a meeting took place as Zimmer claims, but that the discussion went differently.  But Zimmer is the one with detailed notes).

Anyway, despite my lukewarm endorsement of Christie after his re-election, he's got to go.

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