Do Drac Inn

The other movie we watched this weekend Adam Sandler's animated Hotel Transylvania.  I'd actually already seen it (on the flight back from Hong Kong, on which I watched a bunch of movies), but had only recently gotten the blu-ray.

Sandler is playing a vampire who had a daughter whose mother was killed by humans right after the baby was born.  To protect the daughter, he has built a hotel in a castle in the middle of nowhere, where no humans are allowed.

When the action starts, the daughter (Mavis) is approaching her 118th birthday (apparently the de facto age of majority for vampires), and she wants to see the world.  Dad, of course, wants her to stay safe, at home, but graciously allows her to visit a nearby "village".  The village had much of the hotel help (zombies) dress up as humans, and pretend to be out to get her.  That got her to return home in tears.

Unbeknownst to either (Dad was watching the carnage in the village, to make sure nothing went wrong), a hiker named Johnny wandered by about then, and followed the zombies back to the hotel (not realizing where he was going, of course).

Dracula noticed him almost immediately, and kept trying to get rid of him without anyone noticing.  But, of course, things kept going wrong, and Johnny quickly met Mavis.  It was cute, the way it was handled, and went exactly as you'd expect.

In fact, the rest of the movie goes largely as you'd expect; it's a fun romp.

My daughter loved it.  My son (who's almost three), was a little scared of the monsters, at first, but, with some reassurance about them, stuck it out and demanded to watch it again when it finished.

Aside from a bit of concern about scaring little ones (some kids wouldn't be able to deal with it, even with reassurance), it was fine for them (although a couple of the jokes went over their heads).

The acting was pretty good; I was impressed that Sandler did as good a job as he did (I'm not a fan of his, although I did like The Wedding Singer).  And, as I said, it was very funny.  It certainly wasn't deep, but we liked it.

We'll probably watch it again before too long.

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