I didn't mention watching a couple of movies with my kids, this weekend.  On Friday, I showed my daughter the CGI film Epic.

It's about a teenage girl whose mom passed away, and is just moving in with the father she hasn't seen in years.  He's obsessed with finding little people living in the woods around his house, and that has led to his estrangement from pretty much everyone.

Well, the girl finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time, and not only discovers proof positive of those people existing, but shrunk down to their size and in the middle of a war between life and rot.

I'd seen a trailer for it over the summer (in front of Avengers, maybe?), and thought it looked like it might be decent, but that the title was horrendous.  It's like they're trying to sell something, but can't figure out what it is, and ended up with an interim title becoming a final one.  Definitely knock points off for the terrible name (it also doesn't help that I think that word is absurdly overused).

Anyway, it has the stereotypes you'd expect among the little people.  The wise one, the young rebel, and the old soldier among the good guys.  And it pretty much goes as you'd expect (the good guys win, the girl falls in love with the rebel, and the rebel and soldier make up and work together.  Oh, and the father and daughter can have a decent relationship, because she realizes he isn't insane).

The execution is pretty good, though.  It certainly wasn't a great movie, but we enjoyed watching it.  My daughter did want to watch it again, the next day (we didn't).

I'll probably show it to the kids again, at some point, but it probably won't be for a while.  It certainly didn't come close to matching the first Ice Age, or Rio (both done by the same group).

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