Home on a branch?

I've been forgetting to write about Google's impending acquisition of Nest (maker of thermostats and smoke alarms with nice design and automation features) for $3.2B.

And really, that's because I'm not sure what to make of it.  I'm concerned, because I don't like google peeping into my life (despite blogging here, I try to minimize what's visible), and this certainly gives Google a foothold into knowing a lot more about my house, as well as knowledge of when I'm home, or not.  Hopefully, they don't send wifi info back to Nest.  It would also tell a fair bit about my power use, and things of that nature.

All in all, it's got me wondering if it's time to rip out the Nest, and see about replacing it with something a little dumber.  So far, I'm keeping it, but I'm definitely going to be watching.

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