Netflix addendum

I talked, earlier, about Netflix and bandwidth for 4k video.  I'm a little surprised by a couple of things I've seen.  One is that Netflix' FAQ says that their "Super HD" quality (1080p, I assume) requires only 7Mbps, which is a lot less than stuff I've got.  In fact, thinking about it, it's less than the maximum that a DVD can use (10Mbps; think, for instance, of the ending scene of Much Ado About Nothing, with a blizzard of confetti raining down), let alone what a Blu-Ray requires.

So I wonder about that.

But the other thing that I saw was a reference (I thought on Daring Fireball, but I can't find it now) that said that only 15Mbps was required.

I don't know, but that sounds incredibly low to me.

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