I've mentioned Threes a couple of times before (for those keeping track, that game I mentioned before is still, by far, the best game I've played).  I still enjoy playing it (although that opening animation still annoys me, and makes me wish I had a faster phone/ipad), but I yesterday became aware of some clones (1024, 2048, 16384 (played on a hexagonal field)).

Anyway, later yesterday, I was introduced to an epic (and I do not use that word lightly)-length blog post by the creators, showing all the work that went into what they made.  I'm actually still working on reading it, but it's really impressive how much they sweated the details.  And I still think it's a better game than any of the others.

What was interesting to me was seeing the conflicting reactions among them (three people wrote it) about loving/hating the clones.  And I ('d like to think I) understand that.

Really, I don't think those clones are going to hurt Threes' business; in fact, I think they're more likely to help.  But I can see how they can get annoyed that they put in all this work, and someone's trying to ... skip all that hard work, I guess.

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