I got an email this morning from Amazon, saying the price for Prime will be going up at next renewal.

Not good news (we've been using it for years), but not terrible.  They have added streaming video, and that has been good.  I've found a couple of truly excellent shows that way (Sherlock and Downton Abbey), and the kids use it to watch Sesame Street or Bubble Guppies.

And those were not there when we started.  Back then, the advantages were that you always got second day shipping (sometimes it ended up as second day, even when you ordered standard shipping), could upgrade to overnight pretty cheaply (I've only used this a couple of times), and didn't need to worry about the order minimum.

The latter was the biggest factor for me, and that's actually become less of an advantage as you now have some items that are 'add-on' items which require meeting that minimum, even if you have Prime.  I must admit to getting pretty annoyed at those.

Let's hope that the price increase leads to more service (music streaming is rumored).

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