Piles of Miles

Well, maybe not.  I'm heading toward an annual mileage of around 7500, which feels pretty good.

Today, though, I was a bit vacillatory.  I was feeling quite good when I went to bed (although I did go to bed late), and had decided to tackle the hills.  Upon waking (about two minutes before my alarm went off), I wasn't feeling nearly as good; my thighs were quite tight.  I did some stretching, and decided to tackle the hills anyway.

I guess it wasn't terrible.  I didn't set any personal records, but did feel good about most of my ascents.  In fact, I was surprised I wasn't closer to setting PRs in a few places.

I'm still looking for someplace nearby that does better than 80-90' climbing per mile.  That stretch of Military is pretty similar to the Williamsburg/Westmoreland/Kirby/Powhatan loop, with both in that range (back and forth on Military is about 3.7m, 300' elevation; the loop is 3.4m, 164' (hmm... thought it was 230-ish)).  I tried to do the Everest climbing challenge, and came way short.  I'd like to see how close I could get if I could find a 4-5mile, 4-500 ft elevation loop.

Anyway, not the greatest of rides, but good to get a ride in.  Thinking tomorrow or the day after will be a recovery ride; we'll see how I feel.

One other note, strava-related.  They have another challenge, currently going.  Complete it, and you get a coupon to Competitive Cyclist for 25% off.  Was seriously looking forward to that, but noticed the fine print yesterday saying that it doesn't apply to Assos gear.  Was seriously deflated by that; was thinking of trying a couple of their items with that discount.  Just heard so many worshipful things about their gear that I wanted to try it, but it's way too expensive (I hadn't realized just how much so until a few days ago).

Ah, well.  Back to the normal daily rides, and tomorrow's should be nice weather.

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