Poor-fingered Frodo

This morning was a mixed-feeling ride.  I did twenty miles, and I kept my heart rate within my newly-realized zone (barely, a couple times).  So that was all good.

But I tried using my rain gloves with liners, hoping that'd be warm enough to keep me out of trouble.  Well, technically it might have, with the temperature in the mid-thirties (36F for most of the ride, with the last bit at 34F), but they managed it rather painfully.

I don't think it's the coldest my fingers have ever been; I had less feeling and movement, for sure, at times on the ride to Purcellville a couple weeks ago.  But man, were my fingers hurting when I got home and they started warming up.  I normally insist on eating breakfast before taking a shower, but when my wife heard me and said to get in the shower, I went.

Further to that point, I normally take shoes/helmet/gloves/booties/etc off in the garage when I get home, then bring everything in immediately.  This morning, I brought almost nothing in.  I didn't even take my helmet off until I got to the bathroom.  Oof.  I need a better solution for cold and wet.  I might just need to go to the ski gloves around 36F when it's wet.  That's warmer than I should need to do, but maybe that's what it takes.

In any event, I'm feeling fine for now.  Oh, and I should point out one good thing.  At least the gloves kept my hands dry.  In fact, I was completely dry when I got inside, so that was definitely a good thing.

Tomorrow's supposed to be even wetter, but also warmer, so I think it'll be much easier.  I might even try using just the rain gloves; we'll see.  Just jersey and rain jacket up top, for sure.

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