Riding chill

This morning was pretty chilly, right around the freezing point.  For a recovery ride, that was pretty tough.  My torso actually got a little bit cold, towards the end, which was a first (light base layer and rain jacket, only.  Not quite enough).  Fortunately, my fingers and toes only got a little cold in the process.

The hard part was to keep my heart rate down low enough.  I ended up doing a lot of back-and-forth across the road in a couple places where there were unavoidable hills.  Outside of those hills, I did a great job of keeping things relaxed.

I'm hoping this will help me to be able to improve my "base", so that I can get my recovery speeds up to 14-15mph.  That's a ways off, alas, but I hope this is the right path to get there as soon as possible.

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