Killing it

Went out on my normal ride, this morning.  It was a bit colder than advertised (44, rather than 50, according to my phone), but I was still ok without anything beyond normal summer riding clothes (though I did feel a little chill when I started).

I had woken up about twenty minutes late this morning, and was going to do a slightly shorter ride (around 21 miles, instead of 25), but decided I would just try to ride as hard as I could and do the longer route.

I did that, and did get back about ten minutes later than I wanted to, but it all worked out ok.  My daughter (who's the driver for not being able to get back later) got up pretty well, and did a decent job of eating breakfast.

Anyway, on the ride itself, I absolutely killed it.  My net connection (or maybe Safari) is having fits this morning (irritating, as moosejaw is having a great sale today), so I haven't been able to get more than a(n incomplete) glance at Strava yet.  But my overall power numbers for this morning were fantastic.  Two-oh-five average watts, with 238 weighted average.  Neither of those is way over what I've managed before, but they're both over.

What I found really interesting is that my peak one, five, twenty, and sixty minute power numbers are not records.  None of them, in fact (though if it did peak one-second, I'm pretty sure I'd've had one there.  On-coming traffic is very motivating).  All were close, but I've done better (though not all on the same ride) at every interval.  Still, I was psyched about the overall numbers.

I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but that was very encouraging.

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