Bigger Window on the World

Got a new TV on a Cyber Monday deal. Hadn't actually compared it against the normal price of that model until just now (only compared against other deals).

Anyway, I thought there were a few interesting things about this TV. We got it to replace Sharp LCD from last year, and the picture quality just blows away the Sharp. I knew there'd be a difference, but I thought it'd be pretty similar. It isn't. I think a significant part of it is using an IPS panel instead of TFT; (at least, I think it's using that) if so, I wish the advertising had mentioned it. Maybe that's why the big price premium over what I expected.

I thought it was the combination of LED backlighting and 3D, the latter of which really shouldn't be a huge premium, but IPS would explain it quite well.

The other interesting bits are what they did to get the unit so thin (which, to be honest, wasn't a big deal for us). There don't seem to be any buttons on the unit at all (I did look, but not everywhere), so if we lose the remote, we're sunk. And it uses dongles for pretty much all connectivity except HDMI. I think there were six, total.

But it looks gorgeous, even when it isn't on.

Now we just need to wait for the blu-ray player to arrive, so we can test out how it looks in 3D mode. But that'll be a couple of weeks, it appears. And, hey Verizon, howzabout releasing a 3D-capable DVR? Y'know, maybe with a 1TB hard drive?

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