This is a Compromise?

Man, if this tax deal is being accurately reported, I have to wonder what it would have taken for the White House to acknowledge that it had just bent over to the minority party.

This is absolutely horrible policy, as it continues on with the current "give everything to the rich" that we've suffered through for the past ten years. Actually, it's even worse, as the estate tax "compromise" puts the tax lower than it's been any year prior to this year.

If you want to guarantee a permanent, landed aristocracy, this tax package would be the number one way to go about it. The only thing missing is the formality of acknowledging that the (criminal) laws are different for the very rich. Oh, and maybe giving them formal title as, say, Lord Baltimore.

Doing nothing, and allowing all the tax cuts to expire, would be much better policy than this. While I dislike doing nothing about the AMT, allowing it to come back full-force is definitely worth it for the other problems allowed.

I'm just sick; this is full-scale capitulation to the Republicans who were holding tax benefits to 98% of the population hostage to tax benefits for the richest two percent.

Oh, and instead of working to get corporations to pay more of their fair share, they'll get even more tax breaks. As if them saving up over $1T already wasn't enough. How about we at least do something to force them to spend that money, so it gives the economy some stimulus. You know, hire some more people. It really isn't all that complicated.

Yes, some of the concessions gotten have minor salutary benefits, but they're piddling compared to the vast rapage that is being allowed in the name of "compromise".

Seriously, I really hope this whole deal falls apart. Maybe Feingold, or someone like him, will put a hold on this legislation to keep it from getting voted on. And then filibuster, when the hold isn't honored (Reid only honors holds by the other party, as we've seen). We can hope, at least.

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