Well, the Caps played a good game tonight against the Stars. Actually, they played a great game. But man, did they get hosed by the refs.

The Stars got three power play chances almost in a row in the second period; the latter two of which should've been power plays going on the other way. On one, Schultz had his stick broken by a slash, then slammed Burrish to the boards and got called for interference. Then Hannan got called for interference when there was something else going on that the Stars were doing; I don't remember exactly, but I think it might have been goaltender interference I was looking for. Finally, as the crowning insult, the Caps had a goal disallowed with eight seconds left in the game that would have tied it up. Apparently, OV's mere proximity was enough to make Skrastins' run-in with Raycroft into a goal-disallowing incident.

Other than that, Neuvy had a pretty good night, although I thought he should stopped the Stars' second goal. OV had a mixed night; good for running over people, and good for playing defense (to be honest, it's a bit disturbing to me how little he's asked to do that, though I'm sure that that's Gabby's fault). In the offensive end, it was ok, but not great.

Knuble got the Caps lone goal, on a beautiful feed from Green.

So, as I said, the team as a whole played very well, just not quite well enough. They stay out in front of the league in points, although Detroit is only four points behind with five games in hand (how have they ended up with so many fewer games this far in?).

Now, we'll just have to hope home cooking will get things back on track, with the Thrashers coming to visit on Saturday.

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