Definitely Not Singing the Blues

I was disappointed I didn't pay more attention to the Caps schedule last week. We were in the Raleigh area Thursday for Thanksgiving, but I didn't notice the Canes game there until way too late to go down a day early and catch the game live. Alas.

I recorded the two weekend games, but didn't end up watching them (accidentally saw the Monday newspaper for the Sunday result, and then caught a summary of the Friday one... arg).

Anyway, was glad to catch the game tonight; disappointed that Hannan sat and that it was one Comcast Sports-, but still glad to see it.

It got even better, as the team played very well from start to finish. Varly, in particular, had a fantastic game. He leaves more rebounds than Neuvy, but he did a good job of putting them to bad shooting locations. The one goal he allowed certainly wasn't his fault either, as it was a deflection that changed direction dramatically.

OV also had a very good game, as he really came out hitting. He also tried a backhand move again (once), and had some nice chances. Still no goal, although he probably could have had an empty netter, but he settled for setting up Backstrom.

The penalty kill looked very good all night, allowing no goals and only three or four shots on four tries.

Alzner had a very good game defensively; in particular, he managed to stop a 3-on-1 without a shot being fired.
Hopefully, they can keep up the momentum going into Dallas tomorrow night.

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