Buried in Snow on the Range

Not much of anything positive from either last night's game against the Avalanche or tonight's against the Rangers. The one positive I took from last night's game was that they showed some great pressure in the last eight minutes (ironically, except for the power play) to give some solace for an otherwise pretty lack-luster game.

Hendricks had a great back-to-the-goal, between-the-legs power play marker as well.

But tonight's game? Well, I'm writing this before the game's even over, which might give some clue. I turned it off, and even stopped it recording, after the fifth goal went in. And now that my daughter's asleep, I just checked to see that it's gotten even worse.

There was just nothing positive to say about tonight. The power play? Terrible. The penalty kill? Bad. Defense? Terrible. Goaltending? Horrendous. Offense? Two good shifts, I think. Maybe a third one by the fourth line (I have a vague recollection).

I don't think a single player looked good for more than a few seconds at a time. Really, it was the worst game I've seen from the Caps in years. And by far the worst I've seen from any Caps team I'd consider good.

I'm wondering if Boudreau has lost all ability to motivate the team. I'm leaning pretty strongly towards saying that he needs to go. And what the hell was that about calling out Varly at the beginning of the game? Varly had been fantastic up to this point. You call out the people who are not performing, not the ones who are. And you can see how well it turned out.

Man, I hope they're just outright embarassed. They damned well should be.

I'm not sure whether it's good or bad that they have a couple of days to regroup before the Ducks arrive. I guess we'll get a better measure of the team's character, but they were sure wanting tonight.

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