Panting Hard

Not a bad game through two tonight for the Caps. They were down by a goal with that one allowed in the penultimate second, but generally looking good. And then they seemed to lose interest in the third. Just no energy.

Matty P had another good game, working hard all over the ice and doing especially well on the forecheck. Backstrom did not have a good game; I don't think I've seen a game where I noticed him less. Varly had a pretty good game, although he was a bit too aggressive trying to cut off the angle when he allowed the third goal. Lambo-greenie had a nice game, with some good hits and decent chances.

But overall, things were not working well for the team. Facing a team that had scored seven power play goals and allowed three short-handers, they allowed a goal on six attempts. The power play did a good job of generating traffic, but didn't actually shoot when they had that traffic. That certainly made things a lot easier on Vokoun, in particular. The team won the first eight or ten draws in a row, but was basically even the rest of the way.

Hendricks had a weird fight, where he charged after the guy he fought, but then just seemed content to sit back and hold the guy he was fighting. As I said, strange.

I'm really not sure what to make of the entire game. The Caps had large edges in both takeaways and giveaways, but just couldn't seem to put things together.

Hopefully, they can put things together a bit better against the Avalanche on Saturday. I'm sure Flash will be feeling he has something to prove, so maybe he'll play a bit better than usual.

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