Justice is a dish best served cold

I haven't really had a whole lot to say about bin Laden finally being captured. Just a few random thoughts, to be honest.

I'm glad he's gone. I'm not sure it'll really make any difference in terms of what happens with international terrorism, but I'm still glad he's not around. And I'm glad the pictures of him being dead aren't being distributed. It wouldn't have convinced anyone who wasn't already convinced, and it would greatly increase the chances of him being used as a martyr.

But it bothered me to hear Obama say that justice has been served. This is, for all intents and purposes, an assassination (which rang especially true after we heard that he was unarmed and that he wasn't using any human shield). Justice would have been bringing him over here, and trying him for his crimes. Frankly, I would have preferred that.

It would have been a circus, but we probably would have learned a great deal that we don't already know. I wonder if that idea was thrown out because of stuff that might have come out from his Mujahadeen (sp?) days. But I would have liked to see his reaction to seeing the families of many of those he killed, plus there would have been no question that, in fact, justice was served.

And it's possible, in the course of the trial, that we would have learned more about what went on in (and in the planning of) the attacks. That would certainly be my hope.

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