Why is this legal?

I don't care who you are, or what party you're in. This sort of compromise of the democratic principles of this country should not be legal. That revolving door needs to close, or at least be slowed significantly. Anything less than five years delay between regulating a company, and working for that company, is absolutely unacceptable. And yes, that applies to Congressmen and Senators, as well.

A caller on one of the NPR shows earlier today called the US a plutocracy. I think he overstated the case a bit (sadly, not a huge amount), and he failed to mention how recent a phenomenon this is, but this is the sort of action that enables the transformation from democracy (or representational republic; it doesn't matter which term you prefer) to plutocracy to occur.

Now, to be clear on this particular issue, I don't think this particular issue is a big deal. I don't have any huge problems with comcast/nbc; frankly, I think they'll largely become irrelevant in the not-too-distant future. But this sort of back-room deal really frosts me. People like her were trusted to act as public servants, and she didn't just spit on the hand of that trust, but damned near bit it off.

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