Or Not

Well, I thought the Caps would come out and take it to the Lightning tonight, but they pretty much laid a goose egg. I certainly wouldn't say they outplayed Tampa for any significant stretch of time (there were a few shifts, but that's about it), so they'll be coming home without fanfare. It was a disappointing end, though perhaps not terribly surprising after last night's game.

I feel even more sure than I did before tonight that Boudreau needs to go. If I was GM, I'd give him a week to watch video and whatnot, then give me a convincing presentation on how he'd beat what the Lightning did to win. If he can't (and I don't think he can), then he needs to go. Yes, he's been good in the regular season (to be fair, more than good), but he's been outcoached in every playoff series he's been in at the NHL level.

Also, he hasn't yet managed to instill discipline and accountability among the players, with the result that they're not playing enough like a team. I do think that the Caps were the better team, overall, but they sure didn't play like it. And all those bad line changes and too many men on the ice penalties? That's not getting it done.

Well, we've now arrived at another off-season too early. I think I'm going to try not to think about the Caps again for the next week. This is just entirely too depressing (and typical, for the Caps).

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