Rooting through the movies

I have a fairly large movie collection, with all sorts of different discs. I've lately being going through them in nauseating detail, and finding out a few things.

One is that I've got far more 4:3 movies than I thought. The old ones, of course, I knew about, but some of the newer ones surprised me. For instance, who the heck puts a full-frame movie in the "Special Edition" of a movie? Isn't anyone who's enough of a film buff to care about a "special edition" going to want to see it as the director intended?

And one movie (Simply Irresistable) was filmed 4:3, but then matted to 2.35 or thereabouts. You weren't missing anything to watch it 4:3, but, thanks to titles and such, it looked a bit off. Kind of neat that they included both versions on the disc. Now if I could only remember why I even own the movie...

I also found several movies that claimed to be 16x9, full frame. Since these all predated widespread HDTVs, I'm really not sure what they were intending to say. But whatever it was, I think they failed.

Now if I only had time to watch all the movies. Why does money to afford those things have to be inversely proportional to time to enjoy them?

One nice thing about progress, though; I don't have a single blu-ray (or hd-dvd, come to that) of a widescreen movie that's been pan-and-scanned down to only 16:9. It's nice to not need to pay attention to that.

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