Yet another sign of economy severely out of whack

When I saw the headline, my first thought was that these results must have been driven by Newt Gingrich and his wife finally paying off their credit card debt with Tiffany's. But a quick perusal of the actual article shows numbers much too large for that to have had any effect.

But a second thought is that this shows how the recession (this never did get quite big enough to technically be a depression, right?) has yet to affect the rich to any appreciable degree. Which makes their whining and moaning about bonus limits (which were only for a quarter, right?) even more ludicrous than they already were.

One could even start building a case that this is indicative that those limits should have been continued for quite a while. And that the whole financial crisis was used with impressive opportunism to shift money from the poor to the rich (no, I'm not espousing some conspiracy theory that that was the goal, but it was certainly a result).

And that's just sad. We should not be allowing wealth to become so concentrated; it just isn't good for anyone (not even for the rich, even if they won't look far enough head to see that).

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