A study in contrasts

I was looking something up on IMDB earlier, and saw a mention of the upcoming Seventh Son.  For some reason, I couldn't play the trailer at IMDB, so I went to Apple's trailer site.  And the first thing that caught my eye there was the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon (which I didn't know was in the works, but I'm happy to see it.  We just watched the first one again yesterday).

So I had to watch the trailer for HtTYD, and it was basically one long sequence of Hiccup and Toothless flying (plus an odd couple seconds at the end of Hiccup taking off the mask he was wearing earlier; couldn't figure out what that part was doing there).  Cool to watch, but gave nothing away, as far as what the movie's about.

Then I searched for, and watched, the Seventh Son trailer.  I should point out, here, that the reason I was curious about the movie was to see if it was related to Orson Scott Card's book (though the picture didn't look promising, as far as that was concerned, there was still hope.  I think the movie, though, is actually based on The Spook's Apprentice, which I hadn't heard of before tonight).  I haven't read that one in ages, but loved it in high school.

As expected, no relation.  But what was interesting was the contrast.  Whereas HtTYD2 was one long scene, Seventh Son probably had fifty cuts in its two and a half minutes (actually, that was a WAG; I decided to watch again, and got up to 140.  I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a few, too; although I am cheating a little bit: that 140 is counting cuts where several cuts probably came out of the same sequence, and might be together in the final.  Still, the point remains that about the longest anything stayed on screen in that trailer was about three seconds).  Interestingly, though, the Seventh Son trailer did show a fair bit more about the movie, and what's going on in it.

Anyway, will definitely watch HtTYD2.  Might watch Seventh Son on blu-ray, when the time comes.  It has potential, but I'm in no hurry (of course, I now see that it's still half a year off; I guess I'll be waiting quite a long while).

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