Aperture thoughts

I previously mentioned having some problems with Aperture on import.  Those problems have continued (off-and-on), but I'm still using it.

More importantly, I mentioned wanting to see an update to the software.  That still hasn't happened (other than a point update with support for some more cameras (D7100, most notably)), but here's some thoughts on what I'd like to see from it.

The biggest is more support for ETTR.  That is, an exposure adjustment to use during RAW conversion (the current exposure adjustment is just done on the TIFF that comes out of the RAW).  The next would be automatic lens-distortion corrections.  The next biggest would be better object removal; not something I use a lot, but every so often it'd make a big difference.

I'd also like to see some feature additions.  Any of panorama stitching, HDR, or focus stacking would be fantastic, since I could cut down on the number of packages I use.  Working with Topaz, so their packages could be better integrated, would also be nice, although there's probably nothing there that Topaz couldn't do, themselves, if they wanted.

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