Future is now?

I was pretty surprised to read that Trey Ratcliff is switching from Nikon to Sony NEX.  I knew he was at least playing with those after he talked about his shots from the CN Tower in Toronto (which I liked seeing, as I had been there fairly recently, although I didn't go outside like he did).

I remember his article about mirrorless overtaking DSLRs in the not-too-distant future, and generally agreed with him.  I was a little skeptical about his time-frame (seemed a little optimistic), but mostly agreed.

But he's decided that that time-frame was actually pessimistic, and is already switched over.

His reasoning is interesting, and it makes a lot of sense (I have a friend who fairly recently switched from Canon 1D to Sony NEX; it also made total sense for him, as most of his shooting is on hiking trips).  I don't think NEX would make a lot of sense for me, at least not now (I do too much shooting of my kids in some combination of fast action and low light, where NEX would have problems.  I also do a little bit of sports shooting), but I can still see going in that direction in a few years (especially if they come out with a full-frame mirrorless with very fast auto-focus).

I did wonder about a couple things he mentioned.  One, images looking very grainy in the viewfinder when shooting at night seemed to conflict with what he said about being certain of focus.  Maybe the focus peaking makes that not a problem.  Two, he was saying something about a weakness of the NEX that I was unclear of what he was saying.  He seemed to say that, whatever the problem was, shooting on a tripod largely obviated it.  Would be curious to know what the actual problem was.

I liked his suggestions for what Sony could do to improve; I'd go with all of them.  The second one was particularly interesting to me; I'd never heard of that feature, but have had a few situations where I was wishing for that (trying to shoot long exposures with people moving, and had no idea how long of an exposure I really needed.  I wanted an indication of those people there, but also to see them move.  Of course, while I tried to work around it, I really needed my tripod and neutral density filter for those shots, too).

Anyway, it's an interesting read.  If I get a backup camera, I'll definitely think about something along those lines.

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