He's guilty, guilty I tell you...

I heard, last night, about the verdict in the Zimmerman trial down in Florida being handed down.  Frankly, it's nauseating that someone can get away with killing an unarmed kid like that.  I saw a couple of interesting takes, one pointing out that a police officer doing something like that would probably lose his badge (and it takes a lot for that to happen, given who does the enforcing, and such).  Another mentioned that two armed people could easily end up in a duel, where both are just standing their ground.  Crazy.

Of course, this is the same state that, in a badly executed anti-gambling law, defined a slot machine as anything that can be used to play a game of chance for money.  Wonder how many cell phones and computers have been seized already, pursuant to that.

I wish I had something deeper to saw, but I'm frankly shocked.  The idea that an armed man can initiate an encounter, and then kill someone without repercussions is absolutely horrifying.  I suspect it'll take an undercover officer getting killed to get rid of the law.

Anyway, I hope there will be an appeal to overturn it.  We'll see.

Update: This Tom Tomorrow comic is brilliant.

And the Daily Show was killing it (no pun intended).

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