Some minor game updates

I haven't played Jetpack Joyride in quite a while.  I just stopped playing Tiny Tower today; I'd passed my goal of reaching 1B dollars in it.  I was hoping the game would go haywire or something.  No such luck.  I just picked up Where's My Water? (free today) and played a few levels, just to see what it was about.

I'm also playing a bit more Candy Crush.  My wife got that one, and I started playing it a while ago.  I stopped when I hit the level where you had to pay to continue.  Apparently, they decided to change that so you could play quests to move on; essentially, you replay earlier levels with more points required to move past them (and a wait of a day after solving each level of the quest).  I've gotten past two of the three quests (the first was quite easy (lv 23); the second quite tough (lv 33; I managed to get all the jellies once without getting the requisite points).  Thinking third likely to be easier than second, though we'll see), and am hoping to move on tomorrow.

I've been playing bejeweled a bit lately.  I'd gotten to around 1.5M in classic mode quite a few times, and recently broke through for much bigger scores (~6M once, then several more 3-5M, then 9.5M.  Suddenly, 1.5M is barely in my top ten).  Mostly, the difference has been more care in making sure that matches lead to more matches instead of just picking matches willy-nilly.

I've also started playing Words with Friends.  I've had it for eons, but wasn't playing.  Now, I'm giving it a better try, and mostly having fun.  Definitely good practice for keeping the brain in shape.

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