A whole new world!

I forgot to note, several days ago, that my home state of Virginia, while still forcing doctor's to rape patients thinking of having an abortion, has at least decided to end sanctioning of bigotry towards gays.

Actually, one thing I don't know about.  Recently ex-governor (and recently indicted) Bob McDonell, as one of his first actions in office, struck out the phrase from the executive order forbidding discrimination that made it apply to homosexuals (and transexuals, I imagine, although I don't remember for sure about that.  Maybe they hadn't been included in the original ban).  I haven't heard anything about McAuliffe restoring that, although I hope he has.

Anyway, with a Democrat winning the AG position in the last election, the state stopped defending the suit challenging Virginia's ability to keep gays from marrying.  The result of that was that, three days ago, a judge down in Richmond decided in favor of those seeking marriage.  Kudos to Judge Arenda Wright Allen for that.

I should try to find out if our old next-door neighbors have decided to get married.

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