One ring to rule them all...

One thing that's come out this week is that Comcast is making a $45B play to buy Time-Warner Cable.  I don't know what's going to happen, but I sure hope that federal regulators smack down the deal.  Broadband and cable TV are both perilously close to monopolies in any given area (I'm luck to live somewhere where I have at least three options; most places have one).

Because their service areas overlap very little, I'm not sure how much difference this makes in any given spot, there are already too few players in the space.  There's just no way this works out well for consumers.  I was listening to the latest ATP podcast, and agree with much of what they've had to say.

Comcast's phone support is basically useless.  The techs in the trucks are decent or better, but the ones on the phones have no clue what they're doing.  FiOS' people, on the other hand, are reasonably good (unless you have a billing problem.  Then grab your ankles and bend over).

Comcast does not need more customers; they're just a terrible company (I had their service for several years, until FiOS became available).  More competition in the space is definitely needed, so I really hope the deal is shot down.

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