An indiegogo campaign has brought a nifty camera idea, the Panono.  It's a compound camera (36 lenses and sensors) shaped like a ball.  Throw it, and an accelerometer tracks the ball's movement, triggering simultaneous exposures from all 36 at the height of the throw.

It then stitches the images together into a perfect spherical panorama, and uploads it for you.  I don't know what the image quality is like (I suspect so-so, and even only that in good lighting), but I love the idea.  Would love to have one to play with, for sure.  Maybe I'll be able to get one, eventually.

Neat toy, for sure.  Really wish I'd had one when my dad and I drove to Osh Kosh over the summer.  I'm particularly thinking of some potential around the Bean, in Chicago.  Imagine throwing it over top of the bean to someone else.

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