Consistent edge

I don't have terribly much to say about either of the games, but I did see both US/Canada hockey games, both ending in such terrible disappointment.

I thought the women outplayed Canada for almost the entirety of their game, but did fall apart a bit at the very end.  One thing I found interesting was that they made a lot of use of cycling the puck for generating offense, unlike the men.  It also felt like, because the speed is a bit slower than the men, that a power play is a bigger advantage for the women.

The men, I thought, gave a good account of themselves as well.  Canada definitely was the better team there, although it certainly didn't seem hopeless for the Americans to win.

Quite disappointing finishes for both; now we'll have to see if the men can defeat Finland for bronze.  And I am looking forward to the Canada/Sweden game, although I think it'll mostly come down to Lundqvist and Price.  Hank is better, but he's facing the better offense as well.

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