Another Apple note

One other item of note was the new iMac Retina.  Man, I'm excited about that display.  I really wanted to get a Mac Pro for my next computer, but now I'm reconsidering.

Marco had a nice summary of the state of the art, mentioning CPU/GPU power comparisons between the iMac and Mac Pro as well as interconnects, now and for the foreseeable future, and it's got me thinking about that iMac pretty seriously.

At 14.7 Megapixels, I could get most of a D4 RAW image on screen, at full resolution.  That just blows me away, honestly.  Plus, USB3, Thunderbolt, and Bluetooth LE.  Faster photo import, greater expansion capabilities, and continuity.  Those things will make a difference for me.  To say nothing of what the higher resolution will do for photos.  Even though the CPU will be a significant upgrade, and the GPU probably an even bigger one, it's that improve I/O that will make the most difference for me.

It's expensive (not being able to get aftermarket RAM, due to lack of upgradability, especially hurts), but would help me a lot.

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