How much do you drink?

The last couple months, I've been drinking about a drink a week or so.  For a while before that, it was probably closer to a drink a night (ranging from 0-2, but probably a bit less than one a week on average).

Well, the Healthcare Triage from a couple of weeks ago, about Antibiotics and Alcohol Use (not related to each other; two topics) was pretty pretty interesting.  The antibiotics part was slightly interesting, but the alcohol section blew my mind.  I never thought of one drink a night being all that much, and it won't put you into the top ten percent of drinkers, but it will put you in the 70-80% decile.

Holy crap!

So how much does the top ten percent drink?  That's even more amazing.  Over ten drinks a day!

I've never had ten drinks in a day in my life.  I've exceeded three only a handful of times, and only one of those times (strong sangria served in a pitcher with large glasses) might I have even gotten close to ten.

Cut that ten percent's drinking down to the average for the penultimate decile, and it would cut overall alcohol consumption for the entire country by sixty percent.  Consider my mind blown.

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