Glad i didn't...

stay up late last night to order the new iPad.  I was thinking about it, especially when I finished watching the Caps game just after 2300.  So I thought it'd only be another hour.

But I checked after my bike ride (0645 or so), and it was still unavailable for order.

And I've checked several times since then, and still unavailable.

I'm looking forward to it, but they're not making it easy.

And as a side-note, I didn't mention it here (only on twitter), I looked at the new iPad, and my reaction was that there was nothing unpredictable.  They made it thinner, and a bit faster, and brought over a bunch of features from the iPhone (at least one of which helped them to make it thinner), and that's it.

Nothing individually exciting, but I'm still excited at the prospect.  Of course, part of that is that my current iPad is an iPad 2 (ordered within a day or two of initial release) whose battery is slowly dying.  And that has started blue-screening (well, rainbow-screening) under iOS8.

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