Couple more Caps notes

A few things I forgot, earlier, on looking at early returns on the Caps.

One is that the defensemen are charging in a lot, even Alzner and Orpik, and that's worked well for them.

Two is that Schmidt looks very good.  I'm not sure about playing him over Orlov, when he's healthy, but I'd play him over anyone else currently injured.  And I'd certainly have to think about it vs Orlov.  Quiet, but effective.

Three is that Orpik looks quite good, so far.  I still think his contract is an impending disaster, but at least it isn't starting out as a disaster.  It's still too much, and for WAY too much term, but he's looked good so far.  His open-ice hits have definitely had incoming forwards thinking.  We'll just have to hope they find a way out from under the back-end.  Maybe Florida will want him so they can reach the floor.

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