Avant le deluge

Ok, that's a little bit overstated, but it sure didn't feel like it by the time I got home from my ride this morning.

I mentioned the possibility of taping my boots bottom vents closed, and tried that.  Unfortunately, I did something wrong with my pants (pulled them up too high, I think) and got water going in the top.  And my gloves ended up letting water in the same way.

So by the time I got home, I was literally pouring water out of both extremity covers.  Yuck.

Even worse, those boots don't dry quickly.  So I was definitely wishing I'd worn my shoes and booties, since they will dry overnight (and might not have gotten as wet to begin with).  The gloves usually do dry fairly quickly, but I've never gotten them nearly so drenched before.  Fifteen hours later, and they still feel soaked.  Thank goodness I have several (mostly, not quite as good) alternatives.

In future, I think I'll be wearing my shoes (w/booties) in the rain.  I'll save the boots for below-freezing days.

I had further trouble with my power meter today.  They've agreed to take a look at it, and see if something's wrong (I'm pretty sure there is).

As far as the riding itself, it went pretty well.  The roads and paths were basically deserted, which doesn't bother me.  Although there was the one pedestrian walking across the path who almost walked right in front of me when I was doing close to 20mph.  Glad they stopped at the last second, because that would have been ugly.

And there was the one truck that turned into my lane just as I was getting there.  That also was nearly ugly.  Good thing I wasn't in the main lane (I go fast enough through that section that I normally am), although that's partly because I was watching the truck all the way.

Regardless of all that, it was good to get my miles in, and I actually didn't feel too bad, despite how wet I was at the end.

Now, I'm just hoping that the rain we've gotten today will dry from the roads before it gets down to freezing temperatures.  I've ordered studded tires, but they won't arrive for a while (I was going to say at least a week, but DHL's estimate is actually Friday.  Color me skeptical on that estimate).  So I'm not ready for icy roads, but I'd hate to break my streak of days riding (now getting close to four months).

Oh, and barring ice, I'll break 2000 miles tomorrow.  Was pretty psyched to notice that, earlier today.

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