Class Warfare?

The Diane Rehm show came on NPR Thursday morning, and I was listening to it as I frequently do. But when one of their guests was first given the chance to speak, he goes off about how Obama's plan was class warfare.

Frankly, I was so disgusted by the whole thing that I had to turn it off immediately.

If you'd like to see class warfare in action, take a look at the book Perfectly Legal, about how the tax code has been wildly distorted over the past decade or two to heavily favor the rich. You will find out how it can be cheaper for a company CEO to take a corporate jet than to take a taxi (which is outright thievery from the shareholders, but also from taxpayers). You can also be reminded about how badly Social Security and the mortgage income deduction favor the rich. Plus how there is more money put into enforcement of the Earned Income Tax Credit (which pays the working poor to make it worth their while to work instead of just taking in welfare) than there is to making sure the rich pay the appropriate amount in taxes (where far more money is at stake). Frankly, if you aren't sick to your stomach well before the end of the book, you must be stupid or both wealthy and amoral (hmm... I suppose poor and amoral, but with aspirations of getting rich is also possible).

And, perhaps, an even starker example can be seen in a , comparing justice for poor criminals versus that for rich criminals.

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