Not Every Dog Has His Day

The Dogs were not served last night in the national semifinals. VCU and Kentucky both went down, although both games were quite good.

The Butler/VCU game actually left me with an ambivalent feeling. It was good to guarantee that the two underdogs would play each other, in that it guaranteed one of them would play for the title. But it was bad in that it didn't give them a chance to both knock out another top seed, and be able to play one another for the title.

In any event, I was happy to see Kentucky go down. I was disappointed about VCU, however. I was hoping that they could continue their run. Like George Mason, five years ago, I had a feeling they were going out, but I was definitely hoping the feeling was wrong.

In any event, major kudos to the Rams for showing so many other teams their horns. I hope that they'll do a bit better next year than GMU did the year after their run (winning their conference but wiping out in the first round of the tournament, as I recall).

In any event, Butler/UConn tomorrow night promises to be a good game, as well. Unfortunately, if I were a betting man, I would put my money on UConn. But we'll hope for one more for the dogs.

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