A Whole New World

I showed my daughter Aladdin yesterday, for the first time. I've always liked the movie; it's just so much fun. But I did notice a couple of things I hadn't, before.

I've always liked the in-movie version of A Whole New World better than the Regina Belle/Peabo Bryson version at the end. I assumed it was because they had the same people singing, but it turns out that they didn't. I believe (which is to say that that's what I remember from the credits) it was Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, where the actors are Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin.

I definitely did find myself wishing that it was on Blu-ray at times. Well, most of the time it didn't matter, but around the computer-generated Cave of Wonders it felt soft. I'm kind of curious what this toy would be able to do with it, but I don't see myself being able to buy it, so I'll just have to keep wondering.

Also, I've always liked Gilbert Gottfried as Iago in the movie, although I don't think I was ever before able to connect him to any other roles he's done. He's usually incredibly annoying, but he did a great job here. In fact, this might be the only role I've seen him in where I liked him.

But most importantly, my daughter did enjoy the movie.

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