Don't stoke those fires

Not too pleased at Tracee Hamilton's latest column in the Washington Post. First of all, she emphasizes Washington's "playoff history... put together in the past few seasons". She might want to notice that the team has been around since before 2005; their playoff history, good and bad, goes back a lot further, as well.

But what really torqued me was the headline when the article continued at the back of the Sports section. Going from memory here, but something like "Caps Need Win to Prevent Stoking Past Frustrations". Newsflash: you didn't wait until that loss before stoking the fires, lady.

Another newsflash: the series ain't over no matter what happens tonight. Even a win tonight and another on Saturday won't be enough to get "the monkey off their backs". Nor would it provide redemption. Frankly, I'm not sure anything short of a Stanley Cup victory would be. But really, going all in on this line of thinking after one game, especially one that played out the way Game 3 did, is... not helpful.

Yes, the Caps have a terrible playoff history. That history goes back a lot more than three years. But one loss is certainly not the time to panic, or to really go through that history. If they finish Saturday's game down 3-2, then we can go into that crap; but not now.

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