Dog Days of Spring

Quite a final game last night, with UConn outlasting Butler in the end. It was a hard-fought defensive war, with only 91 points scored between the two teams. And that actually sounds better than it is, as at least half a dozen of those points came from Butler loosening up its defense to try to generate more offense.

But Butler ended up shooting less than 19%; not surprisingly, a record low. I ended up a little bit disappointed with the game, because of that.

Still, as I said, it was a very well played game. And it was generally very close; UConn's first five-point lead was at 31-26, six and a half minutes into the second half. But Connecticut pretty much ran away with it from there; Butler was just unable to buy a basket after that. And that was unfortunate, because they did get a few good looks.

Anyway, the game was quite a way to cap off one heck of a tournament. I read somewhere that, of the five million and change brackets that were submitted to ESPN, only two had the correct final four. I wonder if either of those two had the correct last three results.

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