Everyone goes home happy?

Well, it appears that a debt ceiling deal is done, and everyone is going home happy. Except those people who, you know, actually worry about putting the economy back into recession.

The only good thing about this deal is that the cuts are minimal for the next two years. And half of those cuts are in the military, where it is easy for the effect of them to disappear. So that's something. But affecting the wealthy? That's still unthinkable, apparently.

And now we'll have a "supercommittee" that will capitulate further to Republican demands or deadlock, leaving a dreadful run of cuts all over the place, hurting everyone. It'll probably push the entire economy back into recession, if the last week or so's worth of economic indicators is to be believed. 1937, here we come. Yay.

I guess it's good to be completely intrasigent, because apparently that gets you everything you want.

It really would be nice if we had a Democratic President. The only good thing I can really say about his policies is that they're moderate, rather than extreme. Given all the extremists running on the other side, I guess that is something, but damned cold comfort. I certainly thought we were electing a Democrat, and maybe even a real progressive. But apparently those fall into the same category as unicorns and dancing faeries. Sigh.

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