I watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend again the other day. Something had put me in mind to watch it a few days before, so I finally watched it.

I remembered liking it when I watched it the first time, but really couldn't remember much of anything specific about it.

It was pretty funny, even the second time, although without remembering much more, I still wouldn't have called her back after the first date if it had been me. Egads; scary. Good performance by Uma for that. And I did like the way the whole situation was resolved. Kind of pat, but it worked.

Like many rom-coms, pretty cheesy, but enjoyable. I'm sure I'll watch it again some time.

I was amused after watching Lost in Translation again the day after. I hadn't realized that Anna Faris was in both. Supporting roles in both, but well done (even if her movie star in LiT was a bit out of touch, if appropriately so).

Lost in Translation was another that I couldn't remember much about. It was really nice to see it in high def (the only advantage to HD-DVD going away is that you can now get movies dirt-cheap, although I've now got just about everything I'd ever want that was published in the format); the first time I watched it the picture was terrible.

I think it might have been the slowest US movie I've ever seen; very quiet, as well. Johansson and Murray both gave strong performances, and I liked the movie, although I'm not sure it deserves praise as high as it has gotten.

But it is a very nice, introspective movie. Definitely worth watching, at least once.

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