I am Lion, hear me roar

I finally upgraded my main machine at home to Lion yesterday. Early returns leave me mostly indifferent. Despite my iPhone/iPad experience, I find Launchpad to be not so useful on the Desktop. Mission Control seems ok, but Cmd-tab has always worked well enough for me. And I'm trying to get used to it, but I suspect I'll switch Mail back to the old interface.

And the reversal of scrolling is really irritating me. Can the "reverse" work? Of course it can; when I played Quake 2 a lot I swapped the up-and-down viewing the same way. But the problem is that a) I'm long since used to scrolling the old way and b) I still need to use windows and linux machines at work, which keeps me from getting entirely accustomed to the new way.

What I am more excited about is that I recently discovered Plex, and that rocks. Especially once I got the iOS app for my iPad so I can stream from my library straight to that. And finding that I can send my Aperture library to it as well? That was just the cherry on top. Seriously sweet. Not perfect; there still are a few bugs. But really nice.

Getting back to Lion, though, it's definitely been underwhelming. Not terrible, but not terribly exciting, either. On the plus side, it was cheap enough that the improved internals alone are probably worth the upgrade.

Oh, and one other bit of annoyance; support for PPC apps was dropped. I had a bridge game I played quite a bit that I can't play any more (well, not on this machine, anyway). And nobody is making any bridge games in the App Store. A little bit of searching did just turn up Bridge Pro. It's very expensive, but I'll have to give some thought as to whether or not it's worth it. I do like bridge a lot.

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